Monday, July 2, 2012

Science: A Girl Thing?

Wow. Gee I wonder why we can't get more women into STEM fields? The European Commission is trying to lure women into science with this horrible campaign. Brought to my attention by this article via PPBB facebook page. I'm assuming the gist of it is summed up in the video featured in the article, because I haven't had time to investigate the actual campaign page. But there you have it, it was such a turn-off that I haven't even looked at it. Way to go, Europe, good thing I already have a career in science, or I might not even consider one after seeing your video.  :-/

For the record, science is NOT a girl thing. There are plenty of women in science, but tenured positions have many less females than males (at least in our department). So, if any girl actually DOES fall for this drivel, she may be surprised when she gets to graduate school and finds she has less female faculty mentors than male.

Sheesh. SMH.

Update: Campaign website has Q&A about the video clip. Essentially, the EC hired external contractors to do focus studies to find out what attracts teenage girls' attention. You know, kind of like how Lego did focus studies to find out what type of Lego products to market to girls. Maybe today's teenage girls have a narrow focus on fashion and makeup due to all of the girly crap that's been shoved down their throats their whole lives.

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